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GCSE Core Biology Exam May 17th Outcry

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    Anyone who took the GCSE AQA Core Biology Exam will understand my anger here. I wish to write a letter to AQA and department of education about the exam for the reasons below, and I want to know if there's anything anyone would like to say that I may be able to add in!

    We were asked an irrelevant question about the favourite drinks of 14 and 15 year olds and asked to compare them to the genders, this has absolutely no relevance to anything we learnt as a part of core biology, not only that but the way it was worded made it seem like AQA found underage drinking acceptable? This annoys me because younger students will use this as a practice paper in future and may be easily influenced.

    We were also asked a question about an "independent company" this question wasn't difficult and only required us to use common sense however it was not a biology question. It seemed like something that was mean to be on a business studies exam.

    Throughout the paper the questions were worded extremely poorly and I spent most of the time just trying to figure out what they were even asking.

    Out of the 36 (roughly) subtopics included in core biology, only 6 came up, and even then those were the ones that were not relevant to biology. There was no question on the menstrual cycle or carbon cycle as well as many other more complicated and relevant topics we spent the majority of our time revising for. Instead the exam had questions about drunk rats, drunk teens and businesses.

    Due to my anger I've decided to try and write a formal email of complaint to AQA and the department of education, in the comments I was wondering if there was anything you would like me to add into the email? I feel like the more we shout and the louder we shout, the more our chances will be to be heard.

    Thank you for reading!

    Yes! Is it just me that is so happy I'm not the only one completely confused by that exam?

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    (Original post by PopsIndigo)
    Yes! Is it just me that is so happy I'm not the only one completely confused by that exam?

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    You're definitely not the only one! My classmates today were extremely annoyed about the exam, a lot of them want careers related to biology, so if this is what screws up their future plans then I will be extremely angry because they all revised really hard for that exam!
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Updated: May 18, 2016
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