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RAF Cranwell CBAT Experience/Information

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    Hi folks, first time posting on here but felt I should give out some advice to others who are to do their CBAT soon or in the future at Cranwell. Firstly there is PLENTY information on this site regarding this topic, and a lot of helped me be prepared for my trip to Cranwell, I would recommend looking through the site for others experiences as well.

    Firstly, dress code for anyone who has concerns regarding what to wear. You should be informed in notes that it is smart dress all of the time (Suit preferably), and you will need to have your suit on after 6pm when going for supper. I went down from Aberdeen with my suit on, wasn't the comfiest on a train all day but to be honest but when I arrived at Grantham I was greeted by other candidates who were all wearing suits, so you always want to make a good first impression. From Grantham station you get on a small bus to Cranwell with some of the others arriving.

    The mess is great, there is a bar and you will spend the first night getting to know the others here, the drink is unbelievably cheap, but I'd recommend staying off it for this night or just having a couple, and getting to bed early as you will be up between 5:30-6 the next morning. I had one vodka and coke, only £1.14!

    The next morning as I say you'll be up early, we were told to meet for breakfast at 6:15, and from there we went to the testing area, got a brief into what we should expect, and then to the testing stations.

    If you read through the notes that are provided on the internet you will see what tests to expect on the day. Some people say you can't revise for it, and to be honest for a lot of it you can't HOWEVER, I would highly recommend sharpening up on mental arithmetics, speed/distance/time questions as well as fuel consumption questions. One of the tests involved this in depth, and you only get a minute to answer each question.. I thought it would be fairly easy as I'd practised a lot but when under timed pressure your mind goes blank. My test started about 7:30, and with a few 5 minute breaks throughout, as well as a 45 minute lunch break, I was finished not long after 3pm.

    The hardest test for me in my opinion was the Situational Awareness Test. It requires you to remember so much information and then you are questioned on what you can remember. A lot of us struggled with this one.

    I decided to get the train back up that same day as I just wanted home, however there is the option to stay the second night if you are travelling a fair bit. You also get your own room, as this was one thing I wondered before going down.

    Best of luck to everyone who is going for it and I'm sure you'll manage fine. Just stick at it as its a long day but worth it in the end. Glad to say I achieved a higher score than required for pilot, but I feel the fact that I prepared beforehand helped me. Some links for uselful information:

    SDT Calculations:

    CBAT Notes:

    You'll find plenty more useful sites and information on google etc, especially on here there is lots of help. If you need to know any more feel free to leave a reply on here or PM and I'll be happy to help out.

    hahaha unlucky if you end up living in Grantham/Cranwell though :P

    hi there could you pm me i have a few questions
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