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im a 17 year old female who is dating a 31 year old female

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    i have been seeing this 31 year old woman now for about 2 and half months. We've met twice and we just really click, we are honest with each other, give each other advice and just make each other smile. Ive been open about it all to my mum and she really doesnt support this due to the age gap which me and the woman ive been dating do understand as this was a problem for the woman! My mum wants me to not see her anymore and really doesnt agree with this. What should i do? is it really that wrong that im happy and can see past the age? please chuck any advice towards this way.. good or bad.

    not trying to be mean or anything but if you spend your life with this women, well shes... going to reach the average human age for death 14 years before you do. You never know when you are going to die but they are going to be some very lonely years.

    (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
    Older people often fancy much younger people (sometimes harmfully so) and you have to consider that. Much older people aren't always completely honest about their motives when that's going on. She is much more experienced than you and will find it easy (without wishing to sound mean about it) to trick you into thinking it's an equal, friendly, honest relationship, when it might not be.

    We don't know her, or you, but it's wise to be cautious. I'm hetero and when much older men are interested in me, I feel a little flattered and impressed and can look up to them, which is all very nice, but also I've found in the past that men like that sometimes want to just use me. It can be the same (I've heard from gay friends) with lesbian relationships.
    This. Younger people are innocent and trusting and naive, and it's easy to take advantage of, even unintentionally (not that I think I have). People who actually have rum motives are everywhere and to a younger person it's flattering and sweet and makes you feel ohh so special.

    But that man who offered you a sweet on the park when you were ten also seemed nice, didn't he?

    I wouldn't care , not my life

    OP you are way too young for this women! I swear, it would not have been the same if it was a guy because a lot people would have been like " oh he is a pedophile, leave him blah blah blah" so why is it different now? i don't think it's appropriate. Am sure there are tons of girls out there your age who would love you. i don't think your relationship with her would work out tbh.

    So are you lesbian have you slept with her.

    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    I read that sentence looked and your profile picture and :laugh:

    10/10! :top:
    i dont get it... :/

    She's a dirty horse. I recommend you find someone closer to your own age.
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Updated: May 19, 2016
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