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Will daughter be eligible for SF?

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    My daughter went to Bristol uni last Sept, but after 5 months had to leave as it was making her health worse. She uses a wheelchair due to a chronic pain condition, and the getting about made her pain worse.
    She has now applied to Southampton to do a different course, 3 years instead of 4, and we are about to start the SF application again.
    A friend mentioned as she left Bristol and hasn't transfered to the new uni (at the time she didnt know what she wanted to do) her SF might be frozen? Is this the case, and if so what does that mean for her? Would she (we) need to find all her funding for the first year and then she gets SF for the next two?
    I look forward to your replies

    She gets length of course + 1 - previous years study.

    If she's worried about them freezing her account, phone up SFE and check with them.

    Hi there.

    we would never 'freeze' an account due to this, at worst we may offer a reduced rate of funding.

    If she only has one year of previous study, your daughter will still be eligible for full funding for a new course as she is entitled to a '+1' year to make up for situations such as this or where a student has to repeat a year.

    If she had to leave due to health reasons she can actually send in evidence of this from the initial uni or even a GP to demonstrate why she had to leave and we can actually consider excluding this year from the calculation we use to determine her funding, meaning she still has the '+1' year to use should she need it.

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Updated: May 25, 2016
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