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so depressed, fed up of my strict parents!

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    i can't stand my family.

    i'm sick and tired of my mum forcing religion down my throat.
    i used to wear a headscarf and i took it off a few months ago, my mum was angry and upset.
    now she doesn't trust me. i'm 22 ffs. i feel like i have no freedom. i hardly go out with my friends, and when i do i have to be back home at 5pm...
    she's never met any of my friends, so obviously she's gonna be suspicious about who i hang out with.. but the truth is i only have like 2 real friends.
    i'm so depressed.

    my younger sister who's 17 just got caught talking to a guy on her phone and she was planning on meeting up with him. my older sisters found out and told my mum. so now my mum has become even more extreme because Muslims aren't supposed to date....

    i don't understand. my mum was raised here, she never used to wear a headscarf until she was 50! and she has become so religious that she is making me and my younger sisters lives miserable.

    my older sisters who are like 8/10 years older than me aren't even like sisters.
    my family is ****ed up.

    my mum and dad haven't been talking to each other for a while. so immature.

    i'm sick of it and don't know what to do.

    does anyone have any advice??? x

    Talk to your parents. No good comes out of hating them on the inside and bottling up all the emotions. Maybe your mum thought she made mistakes and her life and wanted to make sure you didn't. Some parents, especially Asian one's, find it difficult to be more relaxed. Do you know why? Because their upbringing was probably a lot more stricter, a lot more horrible. You have no idea what their lives may have been like when growing up. Their parents ways have been put in their minds. You must understand this is what they understand. At the same time you must not get angry, they have raised you and given you so much. They're what I would call protective to the extent that you think they're being horrible. You are 22 as you said, you're grown up. Talk to them, not turn to TSR. You know your parents and they know you. I can't advise anything else other than that. Also your family isn't as terrible as some by the sounds of it, it really isn't. I know you said she's been brought up here but again, her parents may have been very strict, I don't know, I got no idea sister. Just try to talk it out and I hope everything goes the way you want it to. If not, I can't really think of any other way of solving it.

    As an adult you have 3 choices.
    1: Talk to mum and dad
    2: fly the nest, you're a grown up
    3: put up and shut up

    Do well in your exams, get a job and move away.

    I can only say there are 2 options to keep it simple

    Lump it if you are living in your parents house for free


    move out if you can afford it/if it is possible and do as you please

    I hope it works out.
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Updated: May 18, 2016
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