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Sheffield or Leeds for International relations !

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    I have unconditional offers from both the unis .
    I have also applied to Birmingham and York , Bradford I got a rejected . I just choose them based on QS ratings and seeing information regarding international students and scholarships . I have narrowed down on Sheffield at the time because of the scholarships they have got for international students .

    Sheffield and Leeds are both big cities with more than one university. I would say Sheffield sprawls more, and is definitely hillier but in my opinion Leeds has the better nightlife. Birmingham is even bigger. York much smaller, and as a city is more like a giant village. What do you think you would prefer?
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    Hi HFBS , I am a city guy , but I am also not comfortable with a very selfish big city , again Birmingham would speak an accent that I really don't like . I don't go partying and nightlife too much except to see what it would be like , coz for me it is just a waste of money . the word village puts me off . I haven't heard from birming and York for offers . but uni of leeds and the Uni of Sheffield have offered me places . initially I wanted to be close to London of its being the most exiting capital of the world and proximity to giant companies and international affairs .
    I have gone through the Sheffield website and everything sounds perfect and helpful .. Leeds is really up north . SHffield balances - the big city and being north , the living costs too . someone told me London is exorbitant living costs , so avoind London first place . I then went for larger cities .

    THanks .

    Leeds and Sheffield are only about 40 miles apart. Sheffield is possibly a little cheaper to live in. London is just insanely expensive.

    I say village about York because it is a running joke that everyone knows everyone. They don't, of course. It's pretty big still, and an absolutely beautiful place that I suggest you visit if you don't study there.

    I should add, I live halfway between York and Leeds, applied to study in both as well as Sheffield, I used to live a bit north of Birmingham and I grew up in South London. My first choice uni is York because I prefer the sound of the course. My second choice on uni would have been Sheffield, but I didn't want to move house, so I've taken Leeds as my second choice.

    I think whichever you choose, you will get a lovely friendly city. Good luck.
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Updated: May 19, 2016
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