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AQA English Literature A: AS Resit - 20th May 2016

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    Hello everyone, who is super excited for the exam? I'm not. Just wanted to ask how 'ready' is everyone feeling after a year of developing our writing techniques.
    Thanks to A2 Literature my writing is a lot better, plus more quotes can be used in the exam. Hopefully the Carol Ann Duffy questions won't be so bad, it's just the struggle for identity which is a bit, odd.
    Who else feels the same? Or differently?

    I'm absolutely terrified. I'm doing Angelou though which I'm quite scared about. I'm really confident about the struggle for identity questions though!

    I feel prepared but know ill go to pieces in the exam again... is it bad ive kind of put my eggs in the James Honeyman Basket? Its got to come up but knowing AQA they'll give an awful second part to that question haha
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Updated: May 19, 2016
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