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AQA Chemistry Unit 1 - Unofficial Mark scheme

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    Feel free to post answers here so I can make the mark scheme!

    1)Ores need enough iron in them to make them economically viable enough to extract
    i) 2 electrons in the inner shell and 3 in the outer
    ii) The nucleus
    iii) It has protons with a positive charge and neutrons with no overall charge

    Not sure which one)The neon is wrong because the inner shell can contain a maximum of 2 electrons. Also only 9 electrons were shown when there should be 10

    Question on petrol vs hydrogen)
    Hydrogen released more energy per gram
    Hydrogen is harder to contain as it is a gas
    Most engines already use petrol
    The process of producing hydrogen is more efficient than fractional distillation for petrol

    Multiple choice question)
    i)Thermal decomposition
    ii)copper oxide

    Last question)
    Vegetable oils are hydrogenated with hydrogen at 60 degrees in the presence of a nickel catalyst as this makes them solid because they are liquid at room temperature. They can be partially saturated making them easy to spread e.g. margarine

    If you look on my thread I've got one with about 25 marks, please contribute to that

    2) (I think?):

    Not neon because:
    - Only 9 electrons (should be 10)
    - 8 electrons on inner shell (can only be 2)
    - Only 1 electron on outer shell (should be 8 as in group 8/0)

    Random questions:

    * Ores need enough iron in them to...... Make them economically viable. This can also make profit.

    * Hydrogen fuels + Petrol comparison : Using the data on the table for things like amount of kJ produced was greater for the hydrogen fuel. Gases can be stored, condensed easier than liquids[?] Hydrogen fuels are easier to produce and cheaper[?]

    * The process of sugar + water: I put we make ethene/ethanol from using sugar + water with a cool temperature and catalyst (yeast).

    * Black stuff on bottom of beaker: I put carbon - this is soot but I don't think carbon will get the mark.

    * It asked about the reasons steel was put in a furnace or something: Can't remember.

    * Question (multiple choice and a 2/3 mark question for reasons) about copper: I chose the multi choice as Copper and I answered with something like Oxygen is removed from the furnace and bonds with carbon to form co2 and leaves the copper pure.
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