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Confused re: PhD funding - Can you fund it yourself?

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    Hello everyone,

    Apologies for asking a question that is likely incredibly obvious, but I've seen such varied replies online that I'm quite confused.

    I want to eventually undertake a PhD in English Literature, at my university of choice it is just over 5k a year (the course is 3 years long).

    I'm aware there isn't currently loans available in the same way there is for an undergraduate degree for a PhD but are we able to fund it ourselves?

    I guess I know the answer is obvious to an extent - of course people fund their PhD's, however...

    IF one was able to fund their PhD does this give you automatic entry onto the programme? I know this probably sounds quite idiotic, but I seem to constantly see posts about 'securing funding' etc, and 'not being able to gain a place as I couldn't secure funding'. Therefore my question is - if you were able to fund it yourself, does this cut out the part whereby you're having to apply for funding/interviewing for funding scholarships etc? And as a result if you apply to a university with all of the requirements (a good MA in relevant subject, good proposal etc) and have the savings to fund it, would you likely gain entry?

    Thank you in advance for the help!

    (Original post by Himeros)
    No, it won't get you automatic entry, you still have to prove you have the academic ability to achieve a PhD in a reasonable time. There still has to be a Supervisor who wants to take you on. However, if you can self fund, then as you suggest, you miss out a whole load of hurdles those who need funding still face.

    Offers are made without regard to funds, they are purely based on academic ability, and fit with the department/Supervisor. If you get the offer and can self fund, then yes, it is much more straightforward to take up your offer.
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Updated: May 19, 2016
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