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AQA Business unit 1 resit (old specification)

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    I was doing a resit from last year, so I sat the paper on the old specification, so I don't know how different the new specification or paper is, but i was allowed 1h15 in total and I had no extra time.

    1c) £1,075,000
    1d) £525
    1ei) 75 Units
    1eii) £16

    Q)1 advantage of temporary staff 1 disadvantage
    A) I talked about the seasonal demand as shown in figure 3, ability to fire and hire staff as and when needed to cut costs in low demand periods. then for my disadvantage I talked about how temporary staff don't feel as connected to the business so won't care about its success as much so motivation and productivity might be lower for temporary staff, and how when a business like Liza's employ's so few employees, each employee needs to be working their hardest for the business to succeed.

    Q) why might the income budget be unreliable
    A) I talked about how she has no past experience with running a business plus no figures from previous years to base these numbers off of. Also people can lie in questionnaires, the seasonal variations that she copied from her coffee shop friend might be different cause they operate in different markets and sell different products.

    Q) Location A or B?
    A) Location B has less competitors near it. B is close to a car park for accessibility. right between car park and beach so people will walk past the shop on their way to the beach, this means more passers by. B is right next to the beach with in figure 1 shows it gets 80% of the tourist visits. location A, is with other shops, so more passers by, but only 40% of the visit in figure 1. location B is by the zoo as well which gets 15% oh the visits. A has more competition. overall she was right to choose location BQ) Franchise or go it alone?A) The franchise is well known for quality and therefore has a positive brand image that Liza can use, which will reduce the start up risk of her business as there is already an existing customer base. Ottermouth attracts young families to go and visit it, and the franchises products are vey popular with younger people, so the two together are a perfect match, and show equal higher sales. figure 3 shows that with the franchise she will make £10,000 more in profit over the four quarters than she would on her own. with the franchise she can hire more staff, and take more time off so she can see her kids more, which is what she wants and suits her lifestyle. Going it alone she gets to be her own boss, which is good as she has complete control. That was the last question, what points did you guys get? similar? or have completely ****ed this up

    Do you remember how much the calculations were worth? Your answers were right it seems btw.
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    (Original post by Luis Suarez)
    Do you remember how much the calculations were worth? Your answers were right it seems btw.
    I think the first one was worth 3 second one was worth 4 then one question had 2 calculations in it, that one was worth 6, and thats all i remember sorry

    The question on income budgets had be absouloutly stumped. I had to come back to it at the end and still had trouble with it.

    For the pros/cons of temp staff: They may lack commitment as they're not working full time and may miss out on important information leading to [chain of argument] and for advantages, they were much cheaper as they weren't employed full-time.

    The other questions were somewhat straight forward (e.g. Location A or B?, Franchise or be independant?) as there was enough data to form a solid argument.

    In terms of the questions, I said location B (?) had the largest carpark compared to A's smaller carparks but it was dependant on the combined size of A's carparks as combined, they may be bigger than B.

    The last question on what business structure she wanted, I chose the franchise option as revenue and profits were higher than being independant and the franchise itself was popular with teenagers & young adults which was good since the beach itself was too, becoming more popular with this market. This could lead to even more popularity. However, all this was subjective and could change since it's only a budget.

    I also got the same as you for the lower mark questions so I assume that these are correct for both of us.
    £1,075,000 Market value
    £525 VC's
    75 Units sold
    £16 price p.u
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