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How to get a C in Edexcel Maths Foundation Tier?

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    So, non-calculator maths is next Thursday and I'm desperate to get a C. I'm not doing maths or science courses at Sixth Form so really, I just want to get Maths GCSE dusted and out of the way, so I don't have to retake it alongside my English and Media/Film based A-Levels.

    I'm taking the foundation paper. I've done lots of past papers and most recently, I've been getting Ds that are a few marks away from a C, and Cs when I've sat through a paper with a teaching assistant. So my chances look good, but I want the most security and confidence I can get.

    Hopefully the grade boundaries aren't too horrible, but what do you recommend I do to solidify my confidence?

    Also as a sidenote, shape construction is a real weak point of mine because I have dyspraxia. Gotta practice that. Also pie charts, I'm terrible at converting table data into degrees for pie charts and vice versa, pie chart degrees into data (eg questions like: from the pie chart, how many people like tennis?)
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    Just keep practising. Do a paper > identify weak subjects > study those subjects > sit another paper > identity remaining weak subjects > sit another > repeat until exam.

    If you put in the work you will be fine. There really isn't any magic method here :nope:

    I did Edexcel Maths Foundation Tier last year and got a C, the grade boundaries are always high and if they do change it would only be slightly but what I did was tons of past papers and the topics I didn't get full marks or any for I would write down and study again and again until I got it. Try and work on the harder topics which offer more marks, because that is usually the ones that make a difference in grades. They usually say to aim to get 75% of the paper for a C, what kind of marks are you getting in the past-papers out of 100?

    can any one help me get a C as that's the highest I can get due to doing a foundation paper
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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