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Things that Annoy You

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    sexually transmitted diseases

    (Original post by RickmanAlways)
    Pears, I really really hate pears.
    Oh and slow walkers, really I do.
    But I hate pears more than slow walkers. 🍐😡 👎🏻💩💀

    And agreeing with lister people with no goals / sheep ' four legs good, two legs bad!' No... Oh ok then
    No no have you read Animal Farm? No not funny? Oh I'll just go away then

    How on earth can you hate the sweet and juicy pear?
    Pears are such humble fruits, and they're underappreciated.
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    (Original post by Blue_Mason)
    How on earth can you hate the sweet and juicy pear?
    Pears are such humble fruits, and they're underappreciated.
    Some pears are wondrous, but I have had the misfortune of consuming a few pears that were hard and bland. But, as you say, they are quite under appreciated - the best of pears should be up there with apples in popularity.

    People who
    -Eat really obnoxiously
    -have double standards (I hate this even more than the previous one)
    -are ignorant
    -Walk slowly when they're perfectly capable of moving faster
    -stand around in the corridor like a wet lettuce and just get in your way
    -spend ages saying bye to their friends before lessons like they're going off to fight a war (could you not take up the entire corridor with your damn hugging, you'll see them in two hours)
    -try to act really tough but in reality are about 12 years old
    -are chavs
    -are Nazis
    -are racist (sort of the one before)
    -ppl who cant b rsed to use proper english

    When my siblings ring the door bell 250 times as If they don't have the keys, and I come running down to open the door for them, by the time I get down they already had opened the door themselves. They just like to annoy me.

    When movers and carpet cleaners don't remove their shows when entering your home.
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    reviving this because I like reading about what people get annoyed about
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