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Girlfriend and her ex

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm gonna try to explain this situation in the best possible way as most times I explain it I make myself seem so controlling etc

    Basically, my girlfriend ten months had always maintained the fact that she hates all her ex's, she can't stand to look at them and all that

    Then I noticed her in a group chat with her friends and her ex, saw this completely st a first glance I wasn't snooping through her phone.

    I just asked her why she's in a group chat if she apparently hates him and she just says it's because she wants to be in the chat wth her friends so I said okay, that's cool.

    i said to her if you want to tolerate him just to be with your friends I'm cool with that but I'm not comfortable with further contact, note, I didn't say she couldn't, I just let her know I'm not comfortable with it

    And then she agrees to it and all that, but then she completely u turns and starts telling me how she thinks he's a really nice person and how she wants to talk to him and what not,

    I said she could it doesn't bother me, but lately it has been like, she's talking to someone she's had a sexual relationship with, and she's acting kind of distant to me, and i feel if I bring it up she will just call me controlling and obsessed like she has done before

    What shall I do?

    Lol such a catch 22, if you call her out on her bs you're controlling, you don't you're passive. Just ignore flaky girls like this, you can't win, she probably doesn't even know what she's doing

    You take her phone away and show her who's boss lolll. She doesn't know what she wants or what shes doing - like Dante said

    Seems iffy

    You have an ex? Start chatting to her or pretend you are, bring up an ex and see her reaction. Hypocritical it'll be.

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Updated: May 19, 2016
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