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English Literature HELP!

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    Hi, I have my AQA English Literature exam on Monday, for AIC and OMAM, and am extremely worried about it. I really want an A* in English Literature. I think I have some talent for English but am still dreading the exam as I don't know HOW to answer the questions. My teacher has not been helpful- all we focus on is general understanding of the texts without actually practising writing answers and we NEVER get feedback on how to improve. I achieved an A*- 60/68- on the mock, however I am completely unsure of the marking and the exam technique. In the mock I approached the questions by taking a few quotes in section b part a and 3 quotes in part b and section a. I analysed the quotes in detail but feel that if anything I over-analysed and detracted from the value of the answer by making extremely far-fetched interpretations quite clearly far from the author's intentions. Also, I wrote far more for OMAM- and my part b was roughly the same length as my whole AIC essay. How many quotes are recommended for a guaranteed A* and how should each paragraph be structured. Thanks for any help!

    Hi, don't worry at all! With that mock result, you obviously have a grasp on how to write the answers!

    My method for Of Mice and Men is to say a lot about a little; if you feel like you're going too far with analysis you're doing it right! One tip is to mostly ignore context on question a and focus on Steinbeck's meaning.
    As far as structure goes, I'd say literally work your way through the given text and everytime you hit a new point you want to write about start there. USE DISCOURSE MARKERS IF YOU ARE EVER STUCK ON WHERE TO START- e.g first, second, this, because.

    For section 2 focus on context and the meaning of phrases or even full scenes and their relevance and poignance.

    I do Lord Of The Flies, but the same applies for An Inspector Calls, again A LOT ABOUT A LITTLE- YOU CAN MAKE ANY POINT IF YOU HAVE EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXT THAT SUPPORTS OR IMPLIES IT. I'd recommend learning a couple of key quotes for each character and some that sum up the idea of the text. (For LOTF it's "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart"). Again- overanalyse as the markers use a best fit model and you want to be up into band 5 and 6. Band 6 requires "Insightful exploratory response" so think creatively! I've once said that Ralph and Jack from LOTF are a couple, and that Lennie is autistic and it's exploratory! You need to wow an examiner- remember they have 100's of other papers about the same text to read!

    Good Luck!
    Hope this helped!

    Hi! Don't worry, you know, it isn't so difficult as it may seem.

    It will be a huge plus for you, if you give a brief personality sketch of the author. There's no need to write the date of birth, a quantity of written books or an ordinary sentence such as ''he was a famous author'' (everybody knows that), because this information has no value. It is important to expand the innovatory aspects the author brought to the world of literature.

    Then, define the theme of the given expert/text. Also, explain the stylistic role (stylistic devices), comment on the narrative method and think about the slant of the text (what effect is created).

    Keep in mind about the structure of the answer. Actually, it reminds the persuasive essay, so you task is to formulate the message of the text, corroborating your point of view. More easy to learn techniques are depicted in this article
    https://unplag.com/blog/how-to-write...suasive-essay/ which may help you to overcome the fear of writing answers

    Good luck!
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