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McGill life sciences VS UTSC neuroscience coop??

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    I got admitted to UTSC neuroscience coop and McGill Immunology and Microbiology. I've heard both are great universities but I haven't decided which one would be the best fit. I'm basically wondering which one which will give me a good chance at medical school and careers outside of medicine, allow me to have a decent social life and provide good financial aid/employment opportunities during my studies?? Also which campus is better looks wise and easier to get around?
    Thanks in advance!

    This is a UK based forum so you may not get many useful replies on here. Anyway, I've moved this to the study in the US forum. You may get better responses there.

    I might have a bit of a bias here, being the child of 2 McGill alumni.

    If you are looking outside medical school, go for UTSC because of the co-op opportunities. From what I've heard, UTSC also has smaller class sizes, which means it will be easier to get attention from the prof, and possibly higher marks (doing well at any of the Big Three is not a guarantee). On the other hand, McGill has the bigger name, especially if people start asking if you went to UTSC/UTM/UTSG. For the most part, schools will be looking at your undergraduate marks (some med schools look at all 4 years whilst others only look at the last 2 or 3) along with MCAT scores. If everything was equal (GPAs, ECs MCAT), admissions officers would probably select a McGill graduate.

    As for going out, UTSC is a little bit more removed from Toronto proper, and will probably require some form of transportation/place to crash at night. McGill is on the doorstep of Montreal's downtown. There might be less student clubs at UTSC than McGill.

    If you are an international student, you'll be limited to working specifically on campus. You will have to look at McGill or UTSC websites to check on this area.

    Ease of getting around - Scarborough's campus is larger than McGill, but the actual area where students go is a little smaller. UTSC also appears to be mostly flat, which is pretty useful in winter.
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    Ok thanks for the response! Makes the decision between them easier

    The University of Toronto, from what I hear, is really hard to do well in. You'll have to get a stellar GPA to get into Med school and from what I've heard, McGill would be the easier way to get there. Nevertheless, it's also about personal choice. Nothing is impossible. If you set your mind to it, you'll probably do well. Also think about which plays seems more 'you'. I had offers from U of T, UBC and Waterloo this year and I picked UBC, purely because I felt it suited me better despite the fact that Waterloo would have have helped me to get better grades for med school. Good luck!

    PS, always keep in mind that you can transfer after first year, if you really don't like the university.
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