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Questions for Nursing degree students

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    (Original post by Chlonono)
    - is it enjoyable
    - how hard is it
    - how much free time do you have/ do you have the same student life experience as other students
    - how much time does placements take up & how much time is spent at university, are block placements done everyday of the week even if you're doing 12 hour days!?
    - do you enjoy the placements
    - how much work experience did you have before university to get onto the course
    - Did you get university fee help from the NHS
    - how academic is it, E.g. biology or is it alot more bedside care
    - what AS grades & A level grades did you get
    - is there any Nursing course with a year abroad
    - how hard is it to get a job after graduation
    - what do you plan to do with your Nursing degree (after the 2/3 years of ward experience needed to get into anything else) such as forensic nurse, aesthetic nurse practitioner??
    Hello I am a end of second year nursing student.
    - Yes it is hard, not only emotionally draining but also physically and mentally, it is ranked as the hardesr degree to do purely because of the amount of work needed for it.
    - No, not much free time at where I am. Youre either in uni 9-5 or you are on placement doing a full working week while trying to write 7000 words at the same time, oh and filling in assessment paperwork (another 40 pages....). If you are going to uni for student life then don't pick nursing
    - The course is 50% practical and 50% theory. My placements are 3 months long at a time. It is a full year as well I think there is 6 weeks of timetabled holiday...while on placement it is a full working week, if community based placement you will be in every day and if on a ward you will be in 3/4 days a week doing 13 hour shifts.
    - Placements vary hugely, some are enjoyable and some are horrendous, I've had both. I've nearly quit the course several times due to placement, coming home in tears is a definite throughout the years I wont lie! In all honesty on a bad placement you feel like youre not learning and youre just a slave that's looked down upon. It sucks. But some placements are very rewarding and you really gain a lot and feel part of the team. Just luck of the draw.
    - I went straight from A-levels having done biology, chemistry, psychology and geography and came out with ABBC. I would say biology a-level is a must! Loads of people on our course failed the biology module as theyd never studied it to a in depth level before, however depends how brutal your uni is, I am at a highly ranked one that pushed you and expects a lot... :/
    I did volunteer with alzheimers and dementia patients in my spare time for 3 years and I did 7 weeks volunteering full time at a childrens nursery (although not doing childrens nursing)
    - NHS currently pay your tuition fees but that is changing...
    -There is no year abroad option, however in your second year you can do an 'elective' where you organise your own placement. I am going to Sri Lanka for a month But this is in my own time and is self funded....
    - Jobs are readily available, the NHS is running out of nurses and jobs are everywhere.
    -Easy to progress and specialise in other things, whether that be in surgery, cardiology, anaesthetics or even transferable if you want to work abroad or join the RAF/army... loads of options. I am thinking of doing expedition medicine and becoming a ski and mountaineering nurse for a while... However this does mean loads of extra training and could take me many years! Depends what you like, I am an adventurous type and don't like being stuck indoors doing paperwork- which is what nursing is mainly now (sad as it sounds its horrible, you spend over half your time writing)

    Tough profession and I wont lie I haven't enjoyed my training as I would like, but I think I am just a bit different and dislike being on the wards and haven't found something 'normal' and 'conventional' like everyone else seems to. Travel the world with it that's my plan. Good luck!

    How many attempt do u have if u fail your exam or assignments?

    Hi, what is the difference between a pre-registration degree and a registration degree ... sounds obvious but how do you get registration?

    I'm looking at Cumbria as it only needs 96 points (2017 entry)but only pre-registration degree, and UCLAN. Any opinions?

    I got CcDE and am not very academic. Hoping for BCC.

    (Original post by vrm99)
    Hi, what is the difference between a pre-registration degree and a registration degree ... sounds obvious but how do you get registration?

    I'm looking at Cumbria as it only needs 96 points (2017 entry)but only pre-registration degree, and UCLAN. Any opinions?

    I got CcDE and am not very academic. Hoping for BCC.
    All qualified nurses (And midwives) are registered with our professional body/regulator - The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

    Pre-registration is for those who aren't already nurses. Other degrees that require registration are for qualified nurses who are looking to do furrher study - normally organised in conjunction with their employer.

    To obtain registration you do a pre-reg nursing degree. This facilitates you to apply to register with the NMC. Your application will be processed, you pay your registration fee (£120 per year) and then you receive your "PIN". This is your unique registrant number and you are then a qualified nurse.
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