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Tips for eyebrows.

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    Can anyone recommend waterproof eyebrow pencils/product and tips on how to create proper eyebrows.

    I havent heard of waterproof but I've heard the bobbi brown long wear gel and Anastasia Beverley Hills are meant to very very good and long lasting.

    Also the wunderbrow one.

    I've recently ordered the Bobbi Brown one online - I'll report back when it arrives.

    In terms of tips - look up Pixiwoo on youtube - I love their videos, their makeup is very well done, and their eyebrows are great compared to other tutorials which just show you how to draw a couple of caterpillars.

    Yeah the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is really good, I also found that the Soap & Glory 'Archery' brow crayon/dye is really good.

    I don't use anything on my brows tbh.

    But at some point I did use a MAC brow product which I really liked

    I think you should watch tutorials on YouTube on creating the perfect brow. Its quite easy to pick up!

    Loads of good products have already been suggested, but here's a rough guide on "creating eyebrows":
    Name:  Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 17.43.24.png
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    If you can't see the numbers properly, it suggests that
    - the inner edge of your eyebrow should be in line with the outer edge of your nose
    - the arch of your brow should make a straight line with the pupil of your eye and the outer edge of your nose (ik this isn't really a good description but you'll know what I mean through the diagram)
    - the outer end of your brow should make a straight line with outer edge of your eye and the outer edge of your nose

    also, rounder faces generally suit more sharply arched eyebrows and sharper/more angled faces generally suit straighter eyebrows.

    have fun - I love transforming my eyebrows. I look like a whole different person afterwards haha
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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