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Is it so terrible to deny things?

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    (Original post by No Way Jose)
    If you deny the Holocaust, a crime in some nations, and practically hate speech in Britain., most will think of you as a horrible person. How can you deny the genocide of a people, it's a fact and we've all the horrific images that somehow backs up 6 million people dying rather than thousands...

    There has never been room to question what we are told and taught in schools. It has always been this way and anyone who questions is persecuted.

    We simply have to accept 6 million because anything else is unacceptable. Sorry, but take a look at that war and how many other people perished. What of the millions starved in Holodomor a man made famine by the Soviets? What of the millions who died in Soviet work camps? these were surely Holocausts, but not of Jews... Why does their suffering matter less?

    The above mentioned also do not have a set in stone number of people who were killed. They can vary from a few millions to ten million. With the Holocaust, to say anything other than around 6 million is considered blasphemy.

    There was a time they claimed 4 million died in Auschwitz alone, yet later it was reduced to under a million and somehow the 6 million still remains.

    We are very gullible.

    A reminder to those who yell fascist, that is exactly what these communist murderers did.
    The political spectrum is a circle, and Hitler and Stalin had a LOT in common.
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Updated: May 24, 2016
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