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Is this how to get an A*?

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    Hi, for the English Literature exam on monday I am doing An Inspector Calls and To Kill A Mockingbird.

    To get an A* in An Inspector Calls my teacher said to:
    - Use the keyword from the question e.g. "gender inequality", if gender inequality is being asked. Then link the keyword to a character. Or if the keyword is a character then link it to a theme or themes. The intro should only be 2 or 3 sentences long.

    - Then make AT LEAST 3 paragraphs/sections which have 3 different points to get an A*. Use different types of evidence not just quotes. E.g. use stage directions and what other people say/how they act as evidence aswell.

    - Comment on the form/structure of the play and language (language = quotes). E.g. Priestley sets Mr Birling up to look like a pompous fool. For instance, he says there will be no war and the titanic won't sink. However, as the play was published just after WW2 and set in 1912 the audience can see Birling is wrong and automatically gain a dislike for him. This makes the audience doubt what Mr Birling says next. For example, he says community is "nonsense" and just after this the doorbell rings and the inspector arrives. Priestley intentionally structures the play like this to reinforce the dramatic irony he has used.

    For an A* in TKAMB my teacher said to:
    - Find at least 5 interesting things from the text extract in part a. Comment on the effect on the reader e.g. makes them feel sympathy.

    - Link the 5 things to themes but stay focused on the extract
    - Mention the form and structure. For this just write down your ideas e.g. Lee uses a metaphor, simile, symbolism etc

    For part b in TKAMB my teacher said to;
    - Make at least 3 sections/paragraphs
    - Have specific details in them but if quotes cannot be found/remembered then it doesn't matter as long as the quote is paraphrased/mentioned correctly.
    - Relate to context e.g. great depression, scottsboro boys etc (depends on what part b context is asking for)

    Is this all correct to get an A* in the Unit 1H (AQA) exam??? Any suggestions are welcome!
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    BUMP - any suggestions?

    Yea I think that's right for an inspector calls. But I'm doing of mice and men as my other novella so I don't know on the other one
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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