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Any medics / A level students out there? Need some advice! Please help!

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    I'm currently in year 10 and I want to become a neurosurgeon in the future.
    I know that it's quite early to be thinking about this, but I'm worried that I won't get into med school.

    I am a high achiever, aiming for all A stars in GCSE and I am diligent and committed. But, i feel as though that's not enough.With the competition increasing, I'm worrying.

    First of all, for A level,I was going o do biology,chemistry,physics and maths but now i'm thinking that i should pick between either physics and maths , then do one other subject (psychology for example). So my question is; which one do you think is better,or easier between physics and maths(even though they are both quite difficult)? And what other subjects do you think that i should do that would be useful in terms of getting into med school? I do like English lit and psychology seems interesting but both of them require essay writing (which i don't mind) but English lit in particularly is demanding. I really want to do well and i am determined to give it my best shot so please help me and let me know what you thin of phsyics and maths and what subjects do u find the easiest?

    Secondly, I need some tips and advice on gaining work experience. I will be doing a week's worth of work experience in a hospital in September.And i am going to apply for placements in the British red cross during the summer holidays. So what else can i do? I want to try pharmacies and care homes. but not sure on exactly how to ask for work experience. I've also been reading a lot of books regarding neuroscience and well science in general and my passion for it has only grown so I'm more ambitious to get into med school. I also am also struggling with CV/personal statement. As in the layout of CV and well how to make my application stand out and what i can do.

    I know that a range of hobbies and interests are desired by med school.
    I do love playing Cricket and I want to join a team but I don't have any opportunities for it .There isn't a cricket team in my school or the external ones are all boys. :/ I also have 7 of my works published( but that' s English writing) and I also like analyzing/critical thinking tasks.I also like writing essays. But just saying that i like doing the above isn't enough, i need to show them, but i Dont know how to do this.
    What other interests do you think would attract med schools?

    I'm just overwhelmed, i feel like i'm not doing enough, please share you experiences, and how your A levels have been so far ( how do you organize/balance everything and how do you cope?) and pleaseee give me advice.

    p.s sorry for the long post, I'm just overthinking and worrying too much.

    biology, chemistry, physics and maths would be absolutely fine. If you can, do as well either DofE, an extra curricular activity or a 5th subject to show that you are a well rounded individual.

    As long as you have biology and chemistry, nobody particularly care what your other two subjects are, apart from a few subjects (human biology, P.E, further maths, etc.) So you would be fine with any of your combinations, but just take what you would prefer to do.

    In terms of work experience, wait more for year 11/12 but try to get some volunteer work wherever you can, doesn't matter if it's just a charity shop.

    Extra curricular doesn't matter too much, but having interested is always good, especially if you can link them to teamwork etc

    Mate, you're in year 10, chill :P I didn't even know I wanted to do medicine until half way through year 12, and I got in first time. I'd recommend doing maths over physics though, it's more pure and an A* in A-level maths would look sweet Although physics will help you ever so slightly more than maths when you do actually get to uni, I've not had to use any maths I was taught at school, but we have done a little bit of physics (mainly in cardiovascular, respiratory and neuroscience). But in the mean time just focus on GCSEs, worry about all the nitty gritty details of getting into medical school for when you get to year 12!
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