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Help with gcse literature unit 1 paper

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    I've been practicing the section B of mice and men section. I'm confused on how to begin each paragraph also do I have to point out the devices used? Eg: Steinbeck uses ... in "quote" to show ...?

    use the structure PEETAL which is point, evidence, explanation, technique and link. Do not worry too much about the intro and conclusion but this will help you fill out a page so you'll only need 3 to 5 paragraphs. also context may be useful to fill out a paragraph but quotes are the most useful without them you just have a useless point.

    as for starting paragraphs you could use steinbeck suggests or steinbeck uses or steinbeck portrays points only need to be short just focus on evidence and explination
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    An example of a PEETAL paragraph for any of mice and men work would be really useful

    (Original post by gjwgjwp)
    An example of a PEETAL paragraph for any of mice and men work would be really useful
    Steinbeck presents crooks as a well educated man. he mentions that he owns a 'tattered dictionary'. this shows he reads alot and tries to educate himself as he is seen as lower than the other ranch hands excluding his disability. during america in the 1920's to 1930's people of color suffered despite being freed during the civil war not long before the wall street crash - this would have caused crooks to miss out on an education and be disregarded as a human altogether. to crooks he wasn't socially accepted as many of the people on the ranch referred to him as '******' (n word)therefore he will utilize all he can such a books. Steinbeck also mentions that he has a 'mauled copy of the California civil rights code'. this shows to the reader that crooks is well aware of his social status and rights. the word 'mauled' may also show that he uses the book a lot and takes some pride in realizing what his rights are as he is at the bottom of the social chain which would not change until the 70's.
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