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Is my body shape bad???

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    Hello, I would like guys to tell me if they'd date a girl with my body shape.
    I'm got light brown skin, really really long black hair, I'm 5"7 and I am size 8, my bra size is 32A
    I'm quite pear shaped, so I have a bigger backside and bigger hips. There not fat but they've got more weight on.
    I also have slim ankles, and the rest of me is skinny

    too lanky

    i don't even know what to comment on these kinds of threads anymore....

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    too lanky
    anon is intimidated by slightly tall girls because it emasculates him

    does no one know what subjective means or ????

    (Original post by jawsontheflooor)
    does no one know what subjective means or ????
    Yes, it's a matter of your OWN opinion,

    this thread is subjective, no one persons opinion will be alike.

    Are you dangerously overweight or under weight? No? Good.
    Does your body inhibit you from doing certain things? No? Good.
    Is there a specific, identifiable issue causing problems, such as a tumor or a third arm? No? Good.

    Great news. Your body shape is not bad. Everything else is subjective. Will everyone like your body shape? Probably not. Welcome to the world.

    OK, while I respect your right to ask this question, I'd like you to answer one OP. What difference does it make if someone says your shape is awful?
    You cannot make yourself shorter or taller.
    You cannot alter your genetics to make you have a different shape.
    You cannot change the way others perceive you.

    Accept your shape. If your body does all the things you want, walking, running, breathing, sports you like, activities you like, whatever, just be glad and happy about it.
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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