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Grade this answer (Of Mice and Men)

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    Explore the role and character of Candy in this novel.

    Candy is a really important character in the novel. He represents alot of themes such as a loneliness, ageism and dreams.

    Candy is a "swamper". He cleans up the ranch for his job. Candy is first seen introduction Lennie and George to the ranch. He says "The boss was expectin' you last night"
    We notice that Candy lost his right hand to an accident whilst working in the ranch. "I lost my right hand here on this ranch"
    This shows Candy's hopelessness in life as even though he has no hand, he has to carry on working as his life depends on it.

    Furthermore, we see that Candy is very old. His character represents ageism, and the killing of his dog foreshadows what will happen to him. (He will get fired). The ranch is a place for young people and old people outlive their use, so therefore they will get "canned" "I wish someone will shoot me when i become old and useless"

    In addition, Candy also represents isolation and loneliness. We know that his deceased dog was the only friend he had. Steinbeck states "His dog is his company and is equivalent of a friend" He is isolated from others because of his age, but then again, others will soon be him. Also, his character ties with the theme of loneliness as when he hears George and Lennie talk about their dream he inists on joining them and offered his live savings. "S'pose i went in with you guys thas three hundred an' fifty bucks i'd put in"

    This quote represents dreams as he knows the only way he can escape the harsh reality of life is to join George and Lennie's quest to "live offa the fatta the lan" by buying their on ranch.

    In conclusion, Candy was a very important character in "Of The Mice and Men" He portrayed many themes and was the first character that we met. He represented what will happen when your old and how life in ranches make you lonely and crave for a better life by dreaming.

    Retelling/Recounting a lot. You've used some good quotes. Make sure to analyse and expand on your themes. Expansion Analysis Explanation and Historical Context required. E.g Ageism And Racism, every man for himself ideology because of the detrimental effects of the Great Depression --> links to loneliness. Good base. C? However I'm a student too so this is not my area to comment. Hope I helped somehow. Good Luck on Exams!
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