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Can I transfer to a foundation degree from my first year mathematics degree?

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    I have performed quite poorly in my first year, mainly due to accommodation (which caused some health issues), and due to the fact that I had to work to sustain myself. I now have to resit 2 modules, but I was thinking if it is worth it and/or recommended to transfer to a science or engineering foundation year.

    If thats what you want to do, but will you perform any better? What you need to do is ask SFE whether they will fund any such degree as you will have used up your spare year.

    Probably yes for the science foundation (funnily enough I did the reverse for sci foundation; did foundation, went into first year maths, then failed that >.> ) but the engineering foundation will probably prefer you looked into just transferring straight into first year physics/engineering rather than doing the foundation THEN the course.

    Also as noted by 999tigger, there are financial ramifications; specifically, speaking from experience, you need to be VERY careful to register for SFE for the SAME degree programme/code each year after you start the foundation (i.e. the code for Chemistry with Foundation, not the code for any foundation year degree then the code for the BSc or MSci Chemistry) as they WILL drop you a year of tuition funding if you do it the other way.

    You should get maintenance funding trhoughout however, and provided you stick to the same course you switch to through foundation (from the beginning of the foundation as well) you should be fine with tuition; if you fail a year and need to repeat, or change which course your'e doing out of foundation (e.g. from Biomedical Sci to Biochem, or Marine Bio to Oceanography) you'll very likely lose out on a year of tuition.

    SFE are the worst, basically. In either case you should speak to the relevant directors of those programmes and see what they advise; another caveat is that often they will prefer you pass all the modules, even if you just scrape passes, before transferring into another course.

    You can transfer to Exeter engineering having failed first year Southampton maths, unless they've taken my existence as a warning to not allow that any more xD Exe eng is super easy compared to soton maths too, just for general reference :P I hate it anyway but...
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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