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    how do I structure the English literature exam on THE CRUCIBLE

    (Original post by hudzz92)
    how do I structure the English literature exam on THE CRUCIBLE
    For the 'The Crucible' question you will be assessed on AO1 and AO2, so you don't need any context (AO4).
    AO1: response to text (points)
    AO2: language/structural/form analysis, effect on reader

    We were taught to use PEECKLE:
    Key word
    Language feature
    Effect on audience

    It's best to write an introduction and conclusion - only 2/3 lines long, doesn't have to be anything fancy - to show the examiner what you plan to discuss and prove that you've read the question correctly.

    Make a point, such as 'Miller presents Proctor as caring deeply for his reputation', choose a quote with a language feature as evidence, 'This can be seen when Proctor says, 'For it is my name!'', then use the language feature to explain the impact of the quote, 'Here, Miller has used exclamative punctuation to suggest that Proctor puts great significance on his name (reputation) because it implies that he is crying out'. Then, use a key word to analyse the effect this has on the audience, 'This has the effect of making the audience support Proctor's decision because his motives become clear; reputation - be it with God or with others - had great impact in Puritan society'.

    That paragraph wouldn't be enough, but those are the parts that would get you the base marks. Other marks could come from further analysis, such as stating that reputation has deep impacts throughout the play - it's Parris's motivation for lying about the witchhunts, and it's a motivator for many of the refusals to admit to witchcraft that result in the presumed overturning of the trials.

    Hope that helps a bit :)
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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