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If you signed the "Ban Trump from the UK" petition: you're a moron.

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    (Original post by edothero)
    Nevertheless, I shall give my thoughts about this thread and go away

    Whilst I do not agree with a majority of Donald Trump's 'ideas', he is entitled to share his opinions and thoughts as much as the next guy.
    Creating a petition to ban him is just stupid, it goes against everything a democracy lives for. He has the freedom (again, just like the next guy) to share his ideas, how controversial those ideas may be.

    Furthermore, I quite like the fact that Donald Trump speaks his mind, that way the country/opposition knows what they're up against. Better than someone lying to the public just to get the votes.

    Though, people also have a right to create/sign a petition and present it to the government for debate/consideration. How ever controversial it may be

    Why thank you!

    (Original post by Thundershock)
    Actually, it'd be NaOH.
    Good one...

    LOOOL this turned into an argument about NaH/NaOH lool NaOH (Sodium hydroxide) and NaH (sodium Hydride). I have a lame joke, What happens to scientist when they die? You Barium... No?

    (Original post by Mona-S)
    Lol that's sodium hydroxide
    ****, my bad. It was 2AM, must've been skimming through.

    I think tired me must've tried to make a joke out of saying "nah" with an accent...

    (Original post by Dodgypirate)
    That's a grand total of 585,896 of you. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.


    You know, over 71 years ago your fathers, mothers and forefathers fought to fend off the fascist scourge which threatened to take countrol of Europe. Almost a century down the line, however, over half a million of you utter dunces are demonstrating that very same totalitarianism - Benito is smiling at you .

    Each and every single one of us, including Trump, is entitled to FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Each time you sign that backward petition of yours, your grand dad is rolling in his grave and, for what it's worth, so are 60 million other bodies who fought for your freedom you ungreatful spunkhead.

    you ungreatful spunkhead

    What an 'insult'. That just made me laugh more than anything!!!

    (Original post by JAFF2400)
    LOOOL this turned into an argument about NaH/NaOH lool NaOH (Sodium hydroxide) and NaH (sodium Hydride). I have a lame joke, What happens to scientist when they die? You Barium... No?
    Hahaha, I actually laughed :clap2:

    More at the 'No?'

    Nobody complains about those creeps from Westboro being banned from the UK...

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Updated: May 22, 2016
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