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Guilty and need advice

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    I cheated on my boyfriend. Not sex, me and this guy kissed.

    So Iv been dating this guy for 2 years and I love him dearly and he moved in about 2 months ago, & it's been going good but at the same time he's been really slacking on our relationship, he doesn't really like to go anywhere or do much, he does have depression and I understand that and I've been there for him through everything, but at the same time lately I've been wanting to maybe go out of town to go shopping or go on a weekend & his response is no. He gives me plenty of attention but he doesn't give me the right attention as far as being physical with me and treating me like a girlfriend. Sometimes I feel as if we're just roommates. I know he loves me but he's just really gotten comfortable in the relationship. It almost feels like he knows were going to be together so he doesn't have to impress me or do anything for me anymore.

    I feel very strongly against cheating, I've been cheated on in the past and it's awful I've never done that to anyone, until the other night I went out with a friend and we were taking shots having drinks. Long story short I've never believed in getting blackout drunk I'm cheating I think it's such an excuse, but that's what I did and I woke up the next morning and my friend told me I had kiss another guy. I don't remember it at all, I instantly told my boyfriend everything from what I could remember and from what my friend had told me happened that night.

    I never talk to other guys (text, Facebook, anything) and I never give other guys the time and day he's trusted me 110% because I've never given him a reason not to until the other night .

    Just wanna know thoughts about this situation from an outsiders view

    Hmm well at least you told him about it. I think that was a very good move, what was his reaction to it? I am also very against cheating and have never done it. Personally i don't think anyone should have an excuse to cheat, even if it seems that he isn't putting in much effort anymore. Did you ever tell him how you felt these past few months?

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Updated: May 22, 2016
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