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Is anyone else scared for the English lit exam tomorrow?

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    (Original post by ksj.11)
    guess who failed their literature exam!

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    You and me?!😂😬 I did so bad on the poetry.. I was late, I overslept and my mother texted me asking where I was cause the school was ringing her nonstop. Looked at the time- 9:17 (exam was at 9am) and **** myself, I ran out of my house, barely locked my door and ran all the way to school.. - which was 10 minutes away.. By the time I got there, I was dying and felt like I had one of these severe asthma attack and the teachers were so concerned they wanted to ring the first aid. They let me sit down for 20 minutes to calm myself down then I went to do my exam and started at 9:50 and finished at 12:20 (I have extra time). My chest still hurt from this morning..:3
    Did anyone do poetry about The Car Showroom and The Cardigan Market ? (WJEC exam board) did about a page and had 5 to 6 comparing and contrasting:/
    Only did 2 massive paragraph on question 1B Lennie:'/ I'm failing this all

    Hope it went well for everyone xx For the people who did An Inspector Calls which question did you do? xx (for AQA Lit 1 btw)
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