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How to get over ex girlfriend?

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a 19 year old and I have been with my girlfriend/ex? For just under 11 months

    Things were great, we shared the same sense of humour and everything, like we were so alike and it seemed like "the one" you know? But there was always this thing there with her and her ex

    Basically she used to always tell me she hated him and never wanted anything to do with him (they were together a short time like a month or so) but recently she's been telling me how he's such a nice person and how she wants to be friends with him

    I was kind of confused but I thought hey why not I'm not controlling, so they are friends and what not, she went to a party the other day and she got anxious (she suffers with panic attacks and depressive episodes) and she starts telling me how he took her outside and helped her and calmed her down and that's why she can't just stop being friends with him, she previously told me I'm the one who knew how to help her deal with her attacks

    So as you can imagine I was kind of hurt by it all, and I think I'll be happier single it's just, I don't know how to get over her, I love her and I miss her and I guess my days are focused around her now being with her basically a year, I think I just need some tips and advice, rather than the usual "take up a hobby" thing.

    I have never had a boyfriend so i don't know but i personally would go talk to her and hopefully you to can be friends which is better than not talking to her at all because i personally would prefer that to not talking to you if you loved each other

    (Original post by Beepeear)
    , I think I just need some tips and advice, rather than the usual "take up a hobby" thing.
    What i used to do, is think of all the negative things about them, eg what she did to you and other things which may have annoyed you a bit.
    Every time you think about her or miss her, start thinking about the negative things too. You'll soon realise you don't need her.

    Everything heals with time too, so just give it a little while!

    Walk away. She's clearly not over him (despite only being with him a month), and you'd be better off investing your emotions and time into someone who can give themselves to you fully.

    How to get over? Time and space.

    Dump her and don't look back

    I know that sometimes it can be hard breaking up with someone-but sometimes you have to be brave and face the challenges that the day will throw you! I know how hard it is...you are not alone!
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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