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Revision techniques for evaluation points and biopsychology

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    I always have trouble with the evaluation points. I can maybe remember ine and work out another but I struggle to find 3. I can't get the to stick!
    Also, I've never been good at biology and I find that section really difficult like electric and chemical transmission etc. Does anyone have any unique ways of remembering? I've tried everything I can think of and I'm getting a bit desperate now...

    to memorise evaluation points, try to draw pictures to illustrate the points on a whiteboard, and keep on practicing them until you get the hang of it and try testing yourself at the end. That's how i revised all of my evaluation, workd for me, hope it works for you as well.

    the biology part seems hard but its not actually that difficult, indeed the sweetest topic of all as you don't have to learn any evaluation for them. you could try cornel method for them or use cue card with some trigger words.

    There are some good Youtube videos.

    I like Crash Course videos. Psychology ones are a bit hit and miss, but they do some good bio-psychology.


    There are loads of great evaluative points for biological, I'd pick a couple that you feel comfortable with - either remember them by word cues or acronyms.

    I personally try to use some empathy too - how would you feel if you were diagnosed with a genetic mental health disorder or brain abnormality? I imagine it's somewhat as a relief to have a reason and therapies based on science.

    I also try to think about the methodology when testing this approach - how precise is it (very).

    I don't want to give you lots of evaluative points, as you probably have several, and I don't want to displace the ones you have read in notes/textbooks. Good luck. The biological approach is very interesting.
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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