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Is Curley's Wife to blame for her own death?

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    I've a feeling the question on the CCEA exam tomorrow is going to be something along the lines of, 'How far do you agree that Curley's Wife is to blame for her own death?' Can anybody help and think of any points I could put forward? To argue that she is responsible for what happens or that someone else is?

    Well, she did allow Lenny to touch her hair in the first place :/

    George is responsible for Lennie,
    Curley's Wife also never pursued her dreams and married Curley.
    Curley ignored her so that she was desperate for company.
    Lennie actually killed her.

    Curley's Wife should have realised that something was bound to go wrong due to the fact that a man was actually giving her attention. It was not a norm in the small society, she took the attention given to her for granted and didn't realise what Lennie was capable of.

    Curley's wife was responsible for her death because:
    She seduces men and cheats on her husband
    She dresses in a sexually suggestive fashion, that is contradictory to her humble situation as a ranch owner's wife.
    Lennie is hypnotised and stupefied by her beauty.
    She is a temptress and leads Lennie into commiting sin. George and Lennie have a dream of having their own farm, which for them is like their version of the garden of paradise. Curley's wife denies the men their Eden as she tempts Lennie into killing her by mocking him.
    She preys on weak, lonely men, which in turn mirrors her own loneliness. She is like a viper who sucks the strength out of her victims. She poisoned Lennie with her venomous deceit, which turned his vunerableness into rage.
    Lennie thought that he was in love with her.

    She was not responsible because:

    She was in the wrong place at the right time.
    Lennie killed her accidently and had mental health problems
    Curley abused his wife and caused her to behave in the manner which she does in the novel because he neglected her and she was lonely and desperate for attention.
    She was a victim of the times in which she lived as men were deemed to be of a higher status than women in the 1930s.
    She was defenceless and smaller than Lennie, which portays her as more of a victim than Lennie.
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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