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DNA Last minute revision tips, anyone?

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    GCSE English Literature exam tomorrow!
    We've studied DNA by Dennis Kelly, I'm doing the Higher Tier- have a few notes myself however I was just wondering if there's anything you guys would like to add!
    Here are my notes for what happened to each of the characters at the end of the play x

    Character What has happened? Why is this fitting?

    Cathy • She’s become leader “running things”
    • Attention seeker- she loved the fame of being on television because of Adam’s death. She now abuses her power
    • Showing signs of psychopathic behaviour
    • She cut a first year’s finger off • Feeling "schadenfreude "
    • [She enjoys people’s pain]
    • Shows how she’s “insane” and doesn’t care

    Brian • On stronger and stronger medication
    • Always drooling or giggling
    • Mental health problems due to a death threat
    • Brian is the most sensitive character in the group, which means he is often ordered around by the others. • He may be sectioned as he was under so much pressure about going in to the police to give a statement

    Jan/Mark • They have both taken up shoplifting which was encouraged after stealing clothes from Adam for genetic information • Character change as they used to follow orders

    Lou • Became Cathy’s best friend.
    • This is dangerous because Cathy is sadistic; Lou could get hurt. • Lou was an honest quiet person so Richard sees her friendship with Cathy as unfortunate

    John Tate • Joined the Jesus army and hands out leaflets to people in the shopping centre, singing.
    • He “found God”
    • Redemption
    • He questioned his own leadership abilities, and cracks under the pressure of the murder • He may have been driven to do this because of the power struggles from earlier in the play
    • He couldn’t bear to deal with the pressure of the murder so decided to follow a different path

    Phil • Depressed
    • Sits in a field in the last act, doesn’t speak or care, and doesn’t reply to Richard when he is being spoken to
    • Doesn’t eat in the final act [out of character] • Out of character [not eating] as previously he was always seen with a food or drink of some sort. Is he missing Leah?

    Leah • Left the area and moved schools. • She was the only one in the group with any sense of moral

    Danny • Dramatic irony- he worked at a dentist’s and doesn’t enjoy it. He was very selfish before but now he is in a nightmare scenario
    • This shows consistency with humour throughout the play • He doesn’t enjoy dentistry as much as he expected and wanted because every time he looks in a mouth he feels an echo of the past (he feels like he’s going to fall into the mouth)
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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