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English Lit - To Kill a Mockingbird Practise Paragraph

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    I've written these two quick paragraphs with the question 'a. How are the attitudes of the black community shown in relation to the white community in this extract?'. Could someone give me feedback? Thank you!

    In this extract, we can see Scout’s naivety coming through as she doesn’t understand the ‘tone’ in which Calpurnia uses when she is with the black community, claiming ‘in tones I had never heard her use’. From this we can understand that racism isn’t something that is naturally within children and when looking at the debate between natures versus nurture, it is easily understood that the racism within the society during the 1930s was heavily influenced by parenting. As Atticus is strong as a father figure, we can understand that his egalitarian ways would allow Scout to be more open-minded and not define people based on their race.

    Scout focuses on Calpurnia’s new way of speaking in a curious way, and this is because she would not have used that particular type of language when at the Finch’s home. As Cal is so welcomed within the household, she does what she can to fit in, hence why the way she speaks changes. The name ‘Calpurnia’ is a flower that takes two forms; that of a bud and a pod. This represents the double life that she leads and Lee choses to do this to show the readers that people do not have to be restricted to just one group of people. However, it could also suggest to us that the segregation between the two communities is still endemic, as Lula uses the words ‘they’ and ‘us’, which supports the separation of communities.

    (For reference, the extract was when they were outside Calpurnia's church and they were faced by Lula, Chapter 12)
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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