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    (Original post by Peddeh)
    I've just finished up my last year (4 years spent in total). Gave up on the idea of a student life by the end of the first year after I only scraped by with a 2.2 and needed to step up my game. I didn't find any of the work particularly difficult, I think I was just slow to adjust to the load. Second, third and fourth year were unpleasant, especially once that dreaded dissertation (or final year project for me) came around. Poured my life into it.
    I'm really sorry to hear your last 3 years were unpleasant .How did you do though in 2nd, 3rd & 4th year?.
    The 'student life' is not for everyone.

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    (Original post by velvetsky)
    I'm really sorry to hear your last 3 years were unpleasant .How did you do though in 2nd, 3rd & 4th year?.
    The 'student life' is not for everyone.

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    I should specify it took me four years, as I had made the decision to drop my dissertation/fyp module at the start of the third year, and come back for it and study part-time the following year (I think I'm lucky my university approved it). Ultimately it paid off as I ended up with 77% overall on it.

    It was unpleasant because I became disillusioned with the course content. The day I enrolled (which is when I was told about it, during a welcome presentation), which was back in 2012, they changed up the module offerings for all stages (due to cuts I think). I just forced myself to study/work, but it was a chore as I was on modules I had no passion for. If I could go back, I'd have changed university or transferred. To be honest, their were lots of talks of the university facing financial difficulty, with some complete degree courses getting shut down (existing students could see the course out - so not as bad as the situation at London Met), so this alone should have probably sent me packing.

    Anyway, enough of my whining, I've ended up with 67% overall (2.1), with a mid 2.1 in my second and a high 2.1 in my final.

    Uni is what you make it.

    Some people find it hard to make friends, some don't. Some people a re good with money, others aren't. Some people have no self-control when it comes to their alcohol limit, others know when to stop.

    They'll be all sort of people you'll meet at uni. Some you like, dislike, some you'll share a common ground, others you'll have zero things to talk about.

    And halls is way *****ier than secondary school and sixth form.

    Other than that, you enjoy it, stand up for yourself when you need it.

    Gain confidence in the following: learning to be assertive when need be, how to cook properly, social and talking to new people, learn humility (how to laugh at yourself and not be up-tight), be less ignorant and understand people have not come from the same background as you.

    Enjoy uni. Uni will have it's ups and downs, challenges and obstacles. But, above all, you need to have as much fun as possible before entering the world of (proper) adulthood!
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    (Original post by velvetsky)
    It is really what you make it and depends on you as a person. It is not what it seems/what people may lead you to believe. Don't go with sky high expectations.

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    Oh!! Thank u so much for ur encouraging comment
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