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Physics exam helpppp!

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    anyone know any possible 6mark q's that may be on the paper? stresssinggg as i know its alot of maths and stuff which is not my strong point ! Also can anyone help me understand parallax i find it so confusing !! thanks

    My 6 marker Predictions:

    P1: Wegener's Continental Drift/ Predicting the fate of the universe/Parallax & Red Shift
    P2: EM Radiation & Ozone layer/Climate Change and Computer Models
    P3: Saving Energy/National Grid
    P4: Unbalanced Forces and Acceleration/Kinetic Energy & Gravitational Potential Energy
    P5: The Motor Effect/Magnetism
    P6: Rutherford's Gold Foil/Nuclear Power and Waste/Dosage
    P7: Sidereal Days, Solar Days & The Moon/Positions of Stars & Retrograde Motion/Astronomical Distances/Star Spectra
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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