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English lit - WJEC - HELP

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    Im so worried about english lit tomorrow, i feel ok with AIC but im scared about OMAM. I've been making notes all day on characters and themes but i dont know what to do now. I've even watched some videos and i watched the film but i feel like i cant absorb any of the information.
    does anyone have any revision tips for OMAM and AIC?
    and what else show i be learning, I've done themes and characters for OMAM up to now.
    my target grade is a B and i can achieve this when doing essays in class but i feel as though im going to get into the exam room and forget everything:_(

    Don't panic, first of all!

    1) Give the characters six sections - Introduction (their first appearance), and then five key scenes. Eg for Lennie and George its something like 1) Pool by the brush 2) Bunkhouse 3) Fight 4) Curley's Wife is killed 5) Lennie's death (for different situations you can add the shooting of Candy's dog, the stable scene with Crooks, George confessing to Slim etc...)

    2) Pick out as many relevant quotes for these sections. Don't put them in a particular category. Every quote you can - then discuss them briefly.

    3) Revise and memorise!

    4) In the exam, no matter what question you're asked, you can apply these sections to the questions. Even if you don't pick a character question, if you're asked about loneliness or misogyny or relationships, you are still going to have to apply them to the characters. Characters are the most important!

    5) Tie in your answers to the question. It's usually 1930s America. Mention it in your answer. Don't stray away from the Q.

    Good luck! I'm nervous too but you'll do fine, I promise. Just do your best and stay calm! x
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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