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Please mark my OMAM essay? (English lit AQA)

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    Hey Please read my essay and give me predicted grade for it, it's for section 2 A on the English lit exam. I was given the extract about Carlson taking about shooting Candy's dog.

    How does Steinbeck use Candy to present relationships on the ranch?

    Through the text, the idea of relationships is intricately presented by Steinbeck through the text. Candy is seen to have his dog as his main companion in the book, with him always being seen with him. This may represent the idea of Candy's loneliness, as he relies on his canine companion for company, something which he lacks from the men. Through the extract,Carlson is trying to persuade Candy that he should shoot his dog, his only friend in the world (at that point). He claim that he has "Been around him so much that I never notice the stink",which would show he has spent large amounts of his time with his dog,reinforcing the idea he's his only friend and companion on the ranch. This represents the idea of loneliness, as even though he is surrounded by people,he confides in his animal partner. This overall idea of loneliness shown in Candy can represent the idea of 1930s America being a lonely and isolated,where ageism is prevalent as well as him not being useful due to his disability.This idea of once your usefulness to people has expired, you are no longer needed is seen through "He ain't no good to you, Candy". As well as showing the lack of compassion in the character of Carlson, it also gives the reader an insight in to the 1930s, where once you couldn't work you where seen as useless. The only reason that Candy is kept around on the ranch is that he had his accident, and that he has a minor use as a swamper.

    In general, the relationships on the ranch are shown to be one based on work and the need for someone for work, not something were a true friendship is seen. A relationship can also be seen between Carlson and Candy,though completely different to the one between him and his dog. Carlson is shown to be un-compassionate, and doesn't care about Candy's true feelings about his dog. Since Carlson was "not to be put off" it shows he is also very persistent to Candy, and doesn't show any sense of empathy towards the relation between Candy and his dog. Also, he is also persistent on the idea that he offers to "shoot the dog for you [Candy]". This is a key quote and idea, as it shows how Candy couldn't lose his dog, as he'll lose his only friend. His dog is companion, to combat his isolation and loneliness. This relationship can also Parallel George and Lennie, as they both need each other.

    Slim is often seen to be an empathetic character, though in this situation even he doesn't realise the bond between Candy and his dog. This may be due to Slim's empathy towards his dog, as he is quote to be "stiff with Rheumatism", which again would show that the dog is suffering. Once his opinion is given, Candy looked "Helplessly at him, as Slim's opinions were law". This is the main point in which Candy knows that his dog's life is over, and he has no one else to confide in, as again his dog was his only friend. This maybe be also a reason for why he wanted to join the dream later on, as it would mean that he would gain companion ship from George and Lennie.This relates back to the idea of the American dream in 1930s, as even though the main point of the American dream is to work hard enough to gain land of your own, it also shows to need for companionship for people. This is especially seen through George and Lennie's dream
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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