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English lit exam tomorrow?!

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    (Original post by Gcselife)
    Does anyone know what the grade boundaries for the coursework were 😀

    (Original post by Monsor)
    I use some crap method, basically this is how i do it for inspector calls,P- Point (any point like Eric is immature)E- Example (Eva and Mr Birling call him a "boy", "idler", "kid"T- Technique (Shows how immature he is and why he is like that, parents "dont understand"E- Explain ( Eric feels as if everyone makes fun of him)R- Readers/audience response. (This agitates Eric as he doesn't like being called a kid, therefore he forces Eva to have..)Then just evaluateThis is for AIC part of the Literature exam for tomorrow
    You could also add that Eric has an inherent need to act as a dominant male ( as in those times many traditional values were upheld about males and females; especially by the parents ( find quotes) ) hence why he does not like being called a kid and have childish connotations and labels thrown at him.

    TAKE me back to GCSEs literature!!!!!!! Good luck guys !!!!

    Analysis analysis analysis.

    My English teacher used to say PEEE

    Point evidence explain explain and explain again.

    Got an A* in literature !!!
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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