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Monitor for PC aswell as hooking up to a PS4?

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    Im moving in a few months if all goes well and my GF has agreed for me to have a special corner for my numerous systems. Firstly the corner Im getting isnt even all that big so desk size will be more geared towards shelf space than length.

    Anyway I need one good monitor than can output 1080p and will be using it for a dual windows screen, second mac os screen and PS4 display. Inches Im looking at 24-32 as I get headaches when playing games on large screens. Any recommendations? Im always looking for a bargin.

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    Asus VN247H has everything you need my friend. Also cops out at about £150, I see you have a frog meme picture. I respect that.

    I don't know whether to take anything you say seriously tbh so you don't deserve a serious answer

    If you're just using it for a PS4 or other consoles just use a simple 60Hz monitor but if you're gonna use it for PC gaming go for a cheap 144Hz:


    It doesn't have inbuilt speakers or an adjustable stand but for £170 a 144Hz monitor it pretty good.

    It's the one I'm using atm, too
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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