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Why are everyone so obsessed on Grammar and spellnig?

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    (Original post by xobeauty)
    For real someone corrected me because I said 'mom' I wanted to elbow that ***** in the face.
    I always thught that was just the American way, I don't know maybe I am wrong.

    (Original post by Nayzar)
    But that's exactly my point. this aint an english exam its online
    There are two really good reasons for aiming to use good grammar, punctuation, spelling, and layout.

    The first is so that your message can be absorbed easily by anyone reading it, bearing in mind that many readers will be foreigners or others without a good command of English, who might have real difficulty in understanding slang, text speak and bad spelling. It also shows respect for your audience, which might be reflected back to you.

    The second is to give yourself practice in using good English. Employers want people who can communicate well, and it is a good idea to hone your skills so that, when the time comes, it is no effort (second nature, even) for you to do so.

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    It's a basic form of judging someone's level of intelligence. I'd be lying if I didn't read a post riddled with grammatical flaws and/or spelling errors and thought "Career in the stock room for this one...".
    Could not have worded it better myself.

    Mom is said and written like that in the black country.

    Makes me feel sick and cringe.

    Why are you so obsessed with everyone's obsession with grammar and spelling? That makes you obsessed with grammar and spelling by association. Bad news, man. You made a thread about yourself complaining about yourself and you made spelling mistakes too how embarrassing.
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    (Original post by Tootles)
    I'm not surprised; "mom" isn't a word.

    Maintaining correct spelling and grammar is important because, otherwise, there would be a plethora of incomprehensible dialects within a generation - on the Internet, that is.

    I don't see what the problem is with people just writing/speaking properly, other than straight-up laziness. People make all these excuses about what they say still being understandable (to some) in attempts to justify themselves, but in reality they just can't be arsed writing a word out properly.

    Also, personally, I find it easier to read when something's written properly. I am dyslexic, and if I see a word that's been transcribed phonetically, I have to stop, deconstruct the letters into their component sounds, and try to decide what actual word best suits the sequence of sounds - taking into account what dialect/accent that person may naturally use. When, however, words are written properly, I recognise them logographically (as most people do).
    If you're dyslexic then fair enough. I'll use good grammar when it's appropriate eg. with you or when applying for something etc.
    I'm thinking of different situations when I talk about this. For example, in an online argument, sometimes people revert to correcting grammar when they know they've lost, and then think that that puts them above the other person.

    In reply to some other people, laziness is exactly what it is. Perhaps the person I'm talking to isn't a foreigner and I don't care if others don't understand? I don't see the problem with laziness since I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm a perfectly capable person and don't need to "practice" my English.

    This is a discussion, not an argument. Stay happy, don't fight
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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