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I want to change the world but..

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    I really want to make a huge difference to people's lives, on a large scale.

    So far I've wanted to be a doctor, so I can help on average at least about 40 people a day, and multiplying that by 365; it's a lot, that's why I wanted to do it. However, sometimes I feel that although doctors effect people's lives in a deeper measure, it's politicians and leaders who make the bigger difference and affect huge numbers of people, which has made me want to consider it.

    Therefore I'm in a situation where I can't decide, should I go down the medical route and impact a smaller amount of people but more deeply and while being connected with them and seeing the change with them or, be a leader/politician/activist etc. and campaign for various things to impact a larger scale of people and leave a legacy?

    Which role is best for someone who wants 2 main things:
    1. Legacy, so people can use what I've left behind for their benefit
    2. Large contribution to society

    Join ISIS, that should do the trick!
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    (Original post by jambojim97)
    Join ISIS, that should do the trick!
    Thanks for bringing that up. Another goal of mine, to have the power to destroy the very roots of ISIS and all similar groups like it.

    (Original post by liberateyou)
    Thanks for bringing that up. Another goal of mine, to have the power to destroy the very roots of ISIS and all similar groups like it.
    Oh hi Linda Clarke

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    (Original post by Arkasia)
    Oh hi Linda Clarke


    We share the same goals in life, ha
    But why on earth would you consider politics with all the corruption it evolves? No Good Samaritan ever gets far in the world of politics and history is evidence.
    Doctors may "only" help an avg of fourty people a day but those fourty people have families and careers and are a foundation for our communities. As are teachers, and nurses and even housewives.
    You can change the world in any field of work with the right intentions and a little goes a long way...
    Have you considered computer studies? In today's society technology plays a massive role and maybe you could make a huge difference with that?
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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