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Austrian Elections: Will Remain voters be happy in a far right EU?

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    The Austrian Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer, has won the ordinary ballot for President of Austria and is awaiting the postal vote - see https://www.rt.com/news/344020-far-r...ria-president/

    The analogue of the Austrian Freedom Party in UK politics is the BNP. There is no possibility of the Austrian Freedom Party, with its Pan German roots, wanting to leave the EU. It is important to realise that the far right, like the far left, view the EU as a ready made empire where they can inflict their ideas on the greatest number of people.

    Although the election may still go against Hofer, this vote shows that the EU is on a knife edge between leftist and far right politics. The precipitating factor for Hofer's popularity is the influx of Muslims into Austria - reminiscent of the influx of Jews from the communist genocides in the USSR that precipitated Hitler's election in the 1930s.

    The important question for the Remain voter is whether they are happy to be in an organisation where, perhaps, the majority in 10 years time is far Right.

    No but Ukippers will.

    Europe will swing to the far right very soon

    It's people are being ignored and they are getting angry

    The uprising will happen and it's going to be brutal and ugly as they usually are.

    I like the far right.
    Why is there a stigma?
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