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PC monitor doing strange things

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    Hello everyone.

    My monitor is an LG LCD that is around 8-10 years old. It works perfectly and always has done until a few months ago, the monitor menu (where you can adjust things like brightness etc) just started popping up every so often. It's kind of annoying because the buttons stop working when this happens and that includes the on/off button, so I have to unplug it. Usually when this happens the menu pops up again just a few seconds after its plugged back in. Then after a few minutes of the menu repeatedly popping up and disappearing again, it just stops and works fine again for a few days. Oh yea, and the language reset itself to Russian a few weeks back so i can't do any adjustments in the menu.

    It does this for a few minutes about two or three times a week.

    Anyone know what could be wrong and what I could do?

    You could try and look on the support site forum to see if they have a troubleshooting guide. Due to its age it might just be signs of it wearing out.

    You can probably turn the language back to English with some guesswork and some Google translate. Other than that, keep monitoring the situation.

    Probably a physical problem than anything else. Most likely just a button stuck. Have you tried removing the bezel and fiddling with the buttons?
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