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Aqa English Literature

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    how did everyone find the view from the bridge section and what did u guys make of the unseen poetry

    I did journeys end not the view from the bridge but for the unseen poetry I found it slightly odd but got points about her romanticizing and being in love with the fox, her conflicting thoughts over saying 'don't look at me like that' and then 'meet my gaze', about her wanting to ballroom dance with the fox and about her wanting the fox to stay around and describing it as though it's a posh fur coat, contrasting how most people would generally feel about a fox (ie it being dirty). Some of my friends also got other points such as her killing the fox for a fur coat at the end or the fox being a metaphor for a man she loved. What points did you get?

    I was so happy when the AVFB question was on women, there was so much to talk about. I commented on Beatrice following gender roles, and then how Catherine blurs the gender roles (i.e getting a job) and then talked about how the women respect and love their significant others etc but have to overlook their flaws

    The poem was a little odd, but I basically said the woman was trying to entice the fox with flattery, but by the end her intentions are obvious when she has his fur. I talked about how it might have been ambiguous but I was running out of time so my last paragraph was only like 5 lines. However I've seen that people went a lot deeper when they were analysing it, and how it was about prostitution/ dangerous love so I probably got like a C 😂
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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