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WJEC AS Spanish May 24th 2016!

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    Hello there,
    I am a final year Spanish and Portuguese student so I completely understand how you must be feeling at this stressful time! The good thing about the WJEC exam board is that the grade boundaries are not as high compared to the other exam boards such as; AQA and Edexcel. Last year with AQA they were looking for 91/110 for an A and 61/70 for Edexcel. Wjec are more lenient and for an A grade you need around 74-75/98 give or take. As I currently give tuition to AS and A2 students I can give you some advice/hints for tomorrow's exam. For the listening part of the exam do not forget to correct the mistake if they is one that is. In previous exams (according to the exam reports) students just crossed out the box to indicate false, but did not correct it which is needed to gain the mark. Also, throughout the years the majority of the listenings are mostly false, so this may be the case for the final year of the current AS exam. For the gap fill exercise I do agree that it is a challenge and does test candidates level especially as this level as it is one hell of a jump from GCSE as you have probably gathered. I have said to my fellow students, that try to familiarise yourself with the words. It might be the case in which you don't know every single word as there are normally around 20 and 15 gaps to fill. State whether they are nouns/verbs/adverbs(facilmente)/ masculine/feminine/singular/plural/ tense (preterite/imperfect) escuchaste/escuchabas. Through the process of elimination and the context of the text this may be in your favour. Back to the listening, the second part of the listening consists of a smaller exercise worth just 5 marks - these 5 marks do add up! pay attention as the speakers do give you the answers and also you can actually choose the correct word by your knowledge of grammar. E.j. El equipo trabaja JUNTAS/JUNTOS/JUNTO - equipo is singular and masculine therefore it has to agree so it would be junto! Finally for the translations, the examiners are not looking for a word to word translation, they are looking for a translation that when rendered into English flows nicely. "El piloto de Ryanair cumplió su amenaza de expulsarles del avión"- The Ryanair pilot carried out his threat of kicking them off the plane. As for the essay they are expecting just 200-250 there is no need to go into a deep analysis at this level as this is not possible in the short amount of words. However, they do expect key specific vocabulary, opinions (not repetitions ie creo que creo que) a nice range Desde mi punto de visita/Pienso que/ A mi juicio/Segun mi entendimiento/ En mi opinión/ A mi modo de ver...... Connectives - Por lo tanto/ Así que/ por otra parte/ en la otra cara de la moneda/ pero/ sin embargo/no obstante. I hope this has helped you and I wish everyone the best of luck! Mucha Suerte a todos!
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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