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Will it be a problem if I have poor IGCSEs? Even if I have good high school grades?

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    I actually graduated from high school in the year 2014 but I didn't want to go to a university in my country so I've been basically doing things I haven't tried before for nearly 2 years. I went to a language institution, attended a programming bootcamp, and I also did some volunteering.

    Anyhow, I recently got accepted to a sixth form college in the South West of England and while I was talking to the school administrator, I realised that a lot of successful Cambridge applicants have GCSE/IGCSE qualifications... From 8+ subjects with at least 4 ~ 5 A*. Well I don't have the GCSE/IGCSE so I got scared that I won't be able to get into Cambridge without those qualifications so I booked for the exams 3 months before the test date. English as a Second Language, Mathematics A, Further Pure Mathematics, and three science subjects. 6 doesn't seem enough you know.. And I definitely feel that I didn't have enough time to study for those subjects, plus I had to study on my own just with the book.. I mean even though I'm a high school graduate, it's been 2 years! Ah... I don't think I'll be able to get an A* in those science subjects... The maximum score I can get would be an A... But I'm sure I can get A*s in the other three... Still that would make 3 A*s and 3 As or 3 Bs and that seems like an awful score.

    So.. I was wondering if I would still have a chance getting into Cambridge with a bad IGCSE grade.. But with a good highschool grade...

    My highschool grades are

    Korean 88/100
    Social Studies 92/100
    History 96/100
    Mathematics 100/100
    Science 84/100
    English 96/100
    Moral Studies 96/100
    Household Science 92/100

    So.. they are pretty decent scores..

    Maybe I shouldn't declare my IGCSE grades in UCAS??

    By the way, I'm hoping to study pure mathematics.. haha..
    Sorry my post isn't well organised.. It's 2 am here so hope you understand..

    (Original post by KR_Lucas)
    Maybe I shouldn't declare my IGCSE grades in UCAS??

    By the way, I'm hoping to study pure mathematics.. haha..
    Sorry my post isn't well organised.. It's 2 am here so hope you understand..
    I'm not quite clear on your details but you need to declare ALL qualifications on UCAS, including iGCSEs.

    But iGCSEs themselves aren't as important as A-levels or your country's equivalent anyway.

    For Maths, the only thing that's important is maths...

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