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Gcse edexcel english

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    23th May 2016- I did animal farm and I AM

    Animal farm was decent and I AM was a blessing from edexcel as slim is such a great character, thoughts?

    Yh I agree

    Here are VERY VERY rough summaries of what I wrote

    1- I used quotes from his introduction such as 'jerkline skinner' and 'all talk stopped when he spoke' and showed how he is respected. Even with all this respect he is still referred to as Slim but Crooks calls him 'Mr Slim' and I went on about 1930's racial segregation and how black people need to do more etc

    2- he is skilled, used quotes like the one about the mules and his abilities. He is one of the few workers to have a steady job during the Great Depression with such high levels of unemployment . This was due to his skills. He represents a dying breed of workers etc.

    3- he kills the pups and it has no effect on him. He says that 'it was nothing'. Shows he has a darker side. Dig deeper. No Reference to his family, set in Salinas Valley, near Soledas which translates to 'loneliness' in English. Key theme of all the workers etc.

    4- he is respected by all because skills are seen higher than everything. Candy and Carlson arguing about killing the dog, turn to Slim. He says yes. 'His word is Law'. Candy is older but they still respect Slim more. Shows the discrimation etc. towards older people and those with disabilities. They are always undervalued. To add to that, even Curley respects him. When Slim says to Curley 'say you got your hand caught in a machine' he agreed and in those days if you owned a ranch or was the son of someone who owned one you were seen as a king, but they still respect Slim because of his skills.

    Came to about 5 pages in total
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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