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Practical Thursday, tips?

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    Hey all well my practical is coming this Thursday, I did a little googling and it led me to this forum xD

    Any case my practical is coming up, and because I've only had 4 or so hours with 2 instructors due to them both messing me about I'm not sure if there's something I need to know, though I have my own car and have been taking lessons with my parents.

    Things I already know are stuff like mirror signal maneuver, mirror slow down, (obviously) slowing down at junctions, looking in mirrors/blind spot before moving off, keeping the correct distance from the car in front when stopped and apply handbrake.
    Probably a few other things I know of, but can't think right off the top of my head though it comes as second nature.

    I am fairly confident I also drive where I work (in a warehouse), so guess that's some experience though nothing compared to the road xD

    Any tips are appreciated

    You need to be checking your mirrors a LOT more often than simply when you move off. Every time you see a potential hazard, the road conditions change, before you signal... hell, if it's been 10 seconds since you last checked your mirrors, check them again. The examiners are absolute nazis over this.
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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