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Musician wanting future through YouTube

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    Hi, I am a singer and have a YouTube page and want to expand my audience what can I do?

    My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqK...Xbrdy1nGVpXEBg

    I mean, starting simple you could share your videos on social media, get friends to share them an spread that way.

    However, you've got to remember that youtube is not a surefire way for success, and even if it works out for you, you've got to be patient-stuff like that takes time. Maybe try to visit a few conventions or similar events and meet other people doing the same stuff as you to build up contacts?

    music is so hard to break into that its realistically much more intelligent to think of other ways to make money. coming from a musician myself, youll understand what i mean when you finally start to get a grasp of just how unlikely it is that youll actually get anywhere. by all means chase it, but sort yourself a proper life first or youll end up working in a music shop for minimum wage (i used to work at one on weekends while i was at school and all the staff had basically ********ted themselves into thinking they were gonna make it, but they didnt, and now their lives are ****).

    when in a couple of years time, you look back at your videos, and see that they still have only like 80 views each, you will understand what im saying

    with that said if you want to know anything ive got a pretty good grip on how to get somewhere as ive met many a successful musician as a result of my weekend jobs and the like, so dont be afraid to drop me a message or whatever if you want help or advice. just be prepared as my level of honesty can be distressing
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