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Retaking 1/2 AS modules?

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    Will they mind?
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    Would they?

    (Original post by Bigbosshead)
    Would they?
    Hi there,

    Just to clarify so we don't give you incorrect information, are you saying that you are taking modular A levels, i.e. AS levels after 1st year of 6th form and A2 levels after the 2nd year of 6th form, and that you will also be re-taking some of your AS levels when you sit your A2s?

    If so, how many A grades did you get at AS level?

    On Oxford's website, it doesn't specify AS level results. It just says you'll need A*AA at A level overall. On this page of the website, it also says that they "do not require its candidate to disclose informationon unit grades. However, where applicants, schools or colleges provide AS module results (grades or marks) within the UCAS application materials, this information will be considered by tutors as part of the overall record of the candidate's academic attainment to date". They don't mention anything about retakes however, so you should try phoning them up to see what they say.

    Cambridge say that they are "comfortable with applicants retaking a small number of AS/A2 units". Later on down that hyperlinked page, they then say "we're not concerned if an applicant has retaken or is planning to retake one or two modular AS/A2 level units for which the results obtained are clearly out of character"... This implies that maybe retaking half of your AS level units may be a bit much... Do you have any extenuating circumstances? Again, why don't you phone up admissions at Cambridge and ask them what they think about your situation?

    As an extra note for Cambridge, we spoke to them yesterday and they did say that they normally require A grades at AS level.

    Hope the above helps - do get in touch with the unis to clarify the above!
    The Medic Portal
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